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So you’re curious about Lunchip? Good, curiosity is part of the reason we started this site. The other reason is we think it’s fun. We hope you think so too. Lunchip.com (pronounce lunch chip) grew out of a desire to satisfy our curiosity and to serve as an outlet for our creative energies. As we cobbled together articles, interviews and the design, we didn’t know quite what to call it. A rumor at headquarters recalls a meeting that went awry after a box of ice cream sandwiches. Perhaps it was the rush of sugar in our blood but somehow the conversation turned toward the word “lunch,” a strange word the more we thought about it. We thought it’d be cool to call our new site something with the word lunch in it. Perhaps, we thought, the appeal of the word lunch was the ‘ch’ sound and if we double it, the fun would double too. When we emerged from the ice-cream-induced stupor, lunchip.com had been registered, and somehow it stuck.

Perhaps we’ll change the name someday, but our focus will remain the same. We’re not a magazine; we’re not a newsite. We’re kind of like a variety show with interesting and fun stuff. We may not update our content everyday or even every month (cliché as it may sound we strive for quality rather than quantity) but keep checking back now and again, we’ll always be cooking up something. We hope you're hungry.


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